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Fennec Foxes at Drusillas Park Zoo *622:161:29:4*
photos of animals
Image by Aspex Design: Photos by Dean Thorpe
Fennec Foxes are my favourite animal at Drusillas Park zoo. They are just so cute, I can sit and watch the Fennec Foxes all day, especially when they have their sweet little babies. Baby Fennec Foxes actually have small ears more like a kittens. In some countries Fennec's are kept as pets, but although they are cute, they are amazingly good at digging tunnels, so very good at escaping from peoples gardens. An edited version of this photo is up on display at Drusillas in the corridor by the Squirrel Monkeys, its in the bit where you have to guess the Drusillas animal by its close up.

Thanks for viewing my photos! - Dean
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En virtud de la palabra, el hombre es superior al animal; por el silencio se supera a sí mismo.
photos of animals
Image by dMad-Photo
Because of the speech, man is superior to animal; in silence is even better.

La Herrán, Cantabria.

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