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Cool Photos Of Animals images

A few nice photos of animals images I found:

photos of animals
Image by hto2008

HuaTongOversea Blog Claim: Most of the photos in my Flickr were taken with my Canon 400D + Tamron 17-50mm F2.8 Sometimes in order to describe something I do use a few photos I got from online, these photos will be marked and credited to the original owners if I know. If I don't know, I still normally apply heavy photoshop on them to the extend of 'recreation' or 'recovery'. If you can still recognize it or the difference is too small with your liking, as the original owner you should inform me, I will take them down immediately once I confirmed the ownership. Those photos taken by me are credited and licensed to hto2008 flickr account and www(dot)HuaTongOversea(dot)com/blog

Animal Rescue New Orleans - Pee Wee
photos of animals
Image by smiteme
Photo from Animal Rescue New Orleans.

From their web site:

Are People Still Looking for Their Lost ‘Katrina’ Pets?

by Laura Dedelow, May 26, 2006

True or False: It is not possible that anyone could be still looking for a pet at this point in New Orleans, eight months after Hurricane Katrina. "Bigtime FALSE!", says Pee Wee, who was recently reunited with the Pelas family. [...]

Pee Wee was actually found 30 miles south of his original home in St. Bernard. It is assumed that the water brought him that far south, and very close to being washed out into the Gulf of Mexico. Finally eight months after the storm including the time he was fostered at Robin's house for three months, Pee Wee and his family were reunited. How is this possible? Because of a group of devoted people on the streets of New Orleans and surrounding parishes, family pets survive despite the odds and live to be reunited with their families. Animal Rescue New Orleans volunteers have been working tirelessly to ensure the survival of these abandoned companion animals. Their people are still looking for them. They still need your help to survive on the streets or better yet to be placed in a loving foster home. Pee Wee was lucky. There are still thousands of animals on their own, looking for their family, scrounging for food to survive. If you would like to volunteer or make a donation, you can do so conveniently right here on our website. Working together we can make a difference.


To make a donation to ARNO, click here.

Animal Kingdom Lodge Christmas Tree
photos of animals
Image by Tom.Bricker
Walt Disney World Resort
Animal Kingdom Lodge

During our recent Christmas trip, we stayed at both Wilderness Lodge and Animal Kingdom Lodge. I believe Wilderness Lodge is the best place to stay during the holidays, whereas Sarah believes Animal Kingdom Lodge is best. I will concede that this is the coolest Christmas tree on property.

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