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Nice Video Of Animals photos

Some cool video of animals images:

DTB of Animals As Leaders #5
video of animals
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Elephant Shrew born at National Zoo. Interview with Animal Keeper Ashton Shaffer
video of animals
Image by Smithsonian's National Zoo
The Smithsonian’s National Zoo now has a new baby giant elephant-shrew—also known as a sengi. Keepers at the Small Mammal House did not know it had been born until they saw three elephant-shrews in the exhibit instead of two. The birth was planned as part of a captive breeding program, but baby elephant-shrews typically remain buried deep in their nest for the first several weeks of life. The baby, now about five weeks old, is busily exploring the exhibit with its parents.

Elephant-shrews are neither elephant nor shrew, but belong to their own group of ancient mammals. They are distantly related to aardvarks, sea cows, like manatees and dugongs, hyraxes and elephants. Native to eastern Kenya and Tanzania, the black and rufous giant elephant-shrew is listed as “vulnerable” to extinction.

For more info, log on to: nationalzoo.si.edu/Animals/SmallMammals/fact-elephantshrew.cfm

Amor Canino (Centro Veterinario Animal)
video of animals
Image by Joz3.69
VQ1015 Entry - Mayo 2010

Animals can suffer and feel pain. They need greater protection worldwide. We are seeking this in the form of a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare (UDAW) at the United Nations.
- www.animalsmatter.org/en/supporter/new

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