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Nice Marine Animals photos

Check out these marine animals images:

Biodiversity poster, Psalm 104: brittle star and sponge
marine animals
Image by Martin LaBar (going on hiatus)
This graphic is part of a series, all attempting to illustrate
Psalm 104:24-5, which says: 24 Yahweh, how many are your works!
In wisdom have you made them all.
The earth is full of your riches.
25 There is the sea, great and wide,
in which are innumerable living things,
both small and large animals.
(World English Bible, public domain.)

I have used photos of actual marine animals, by other Flickr members, and have asked, and obtained, permission to do so. These photos make up one of my galleries. The original photo for this graphic is found here. It was taken by laszlo-photo. I am grateful.

This was done in CorelDraw and Corel Photopaint.

Larger sizes are available.

Marine animal bracelets
marine animals
Image by MyFWC Research
Children make their own souvenirs, choosing among many free crafts and activities such as making marine animal bracelets.

Learn more about MarineQuest.

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