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I shouldn't be allowed to have pets

Check out these pet animals images:

I shouldn't be allowed to have pets
pet animals
Image by Kerri Lee Smith offline til 4/1
Some of my contacts have posted cute pictures of their cats wearing festive holiday hats (see for instance www.flickr.com/photos/43749513@N08/8237291681/in/photostream).

My attempts didn't turn out quite as well as I had hoped.

Oliver the Great Dane
pet animals
Image by gr8dnes
Great Dane, Mantle, Mantle Great Dane, Dane, Virginia, pets, dog, purebred {canis lupus familiaris}; VA; animals; {companion animals, domesticated animals, pet}; {doggie, doggy}; Working Group; {Deutsche Dogge, German Mastiff}, Oliver, young, puppy, juvenile,

Made for Each Other
pet animals
Image by Phlora
{ The Biology of the Human-Animal Bond }
by Meg Daley Olmert

I met Meg today by chance. I had heard of her book and was interested in reading it, but hadn't yet. After a fascinating, hour-long conversation with her I can't wait to get my hands on a copy. It's much more scientific (chemicals in the brain) than your average human-animal anecdote book, but Meg promises it's an easy read.

I know many, many of my Flickr contacts have special bonds with their animals. Please head to Amazon and pick up a copy. I promise you'll enjoy it.

(Hi Meg!)

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