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Cool Wild Animals images

Check out these wild animals images:

San Diego Wild Animal Park
wild animals
Image by Jason Rojas

2006-07 Wild Animal Park - Baby Giraffe 1
wild animals
Image by Terryfic5
We were not allowed to get very close to this baby giraffe. He was about 2 weeks old.

Lookout on Lemur Island, San Diego Wild Animal Park
wild animals
Image by tychay
We got off the Wgasa Bush Line in a different place than I expected so we trekked back to our starting point, but not without taking in some sights along the way. An almost unnoticed area in the Mombasa Island Market is Lemur Island. The nice thing about putting the lemurs here is that there is no need for a high wall or fence.

The sign near it reads:
Tell Tails
Don’t let their masked faces and striped tails fool you. These ring-tailed lemurs are primates (like monkeys, apes, and us), not a relative of raccoons. Their striking black and white ringed tails are a visual signal to other lemurs. But they’re also used to send a scented message. A male lemur saturates his tail with musk from special glands on his forearms. Then he sticks his tail straight up and shakes it rapidly so that the scent wafts toward his rival. These “stink battles” help to determine rank within the lemur group and mark territorial boundaries.

Hmm, sounds no different than a frat house. “Quick, pull the finger!”

The VR really saved the day here, and nik’s sunlight filter did the rest. Cropped to change the composition a little bit.

(Nikon D70, 70-200mm f/2.8G VR, TC-20E II) ƒ5.6, iso200, 1/30sec, 400mm (600mm), vr on
DxO (ca, lighting, noise) nik CEP (sunlight) Aperture (crop, highlights/shadows,sharpen)

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