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Cool Toy Animals images

A few nice toy animals images I found:

Autumn ~ oak leaves and Jack Russell ~ 2 of 4 photos
toy animals
Image by Urban Woodswalker
...I have the most darling BEST friend named Snoopy...he is a Jack Russel Terrier (shelter rescue), and autumn is his favorite time too. I don't why sniffing smells becomes much more obsessive in Autumn....but he goes crazy in the woods and running through the leaves. Every leaf seems to fascinate him, due to whatever smells he can slobber and inhale over. If he could he would sniff and pee on every leaf in the forest preserves!

See next photo for story....

toy animals
Image by Dead Air
My son Lennon plays at the radio station during my show.

Feels so good my toes curl.
toy animals
Image by jeffreyw
Homer is a sleepy kitty.

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