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Cool Names For Animals images

Some cool names for animals images:

From The Butterfly Jungle
names for animals
Image by Bill Gracey
Taken at the "Butterfly "Jungle" which is the marketing name for the butterfly exhibit at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. The "San Diego Zoo Safari Park" is the new marketing name for the Wild Animal Park. The zoo is really into marketing now, and we saw two vending machines inside a small enclosed area that was called "Refreshment Center". The butterfly exhibit was an enjoyable experience. I tried for a Blue Morpho image, but the only time their wings were open to display the blue was when they were flying, and it was a little crowded in there.

Other pictures taken at Safari Park are here. www.flickr.com/photos/9422878@N08/sets/72157628351207247/...

matadero cinco │slaughterhouse five
names for animals
Image by jesuscm [on/off]
Por una muerte digna para los animales │ For a dignified death for animals

Tras llevar a cabo varias inspecciones, Bruselas considera que hay "graves deficiencias" en los sistemas utilizados para el sacrificio de los animales. Las normas europeas obligan a minimizar al máximo el sufrimiento de los animales, evitando toda agitación o dolor tanto en los que se sacrifican en mataderos como fuera de ellos. Para eso, España tiene que introducir leyes claras sobre los mataderos y garantizar sistemas de inspección que corrijan los incumplimientos. Según la legislación comunitaria, los encargados de dar muerte al animal deberán ser profesionales que aturdan primero al animal en caso de que no sea posible su muerte de manera instantánea.

Si España no demuestra que las normas cumplen con los requisitos europeos, el Ejecutivo comunitario podría remitir el caso a la Justicia comunitaria, que podría imponer una multa.

PÚBLICO (30/09/2011)

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Textures courtesy of Lenabem-Anna y SkeletallMess

♫♪ Music: "Man gave names to all the animals" by Bob Dylan

►Os recomiendo la lectura del libro "Matadero cinco" de Kurt Vonnegut, en cuyo título me he inspirado para esta realización pero con una temática completamente diferente...o no?
►I recommend reading the book "Slaughterhouse Five" by Kurt Vonnegut, whose title inspired me for this realization..but with a completely different topic ... or not?

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Zethus slossonae
names for animals
Image by smccann
Named for a female entomologist from the 19th Century, and one of only 4 species in North America north of Mexico.
Vero Beach FL

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