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Cool Free Animals images

A few nice free animals images I found:

speckled duck clipart, lge 15 cm wide
free animals
Image by you get the picture
This clipart-style image of a duck has been created from my photograph. It may be downloaded and used for strictly non-commercial private and educational purposes but may not be re-distributed or included as part of a collection without my written consent.

free tree
free animals
Image by arimoore
so awesome! i had no idea this existed: treesnottrash.org. seen in bushwick, outside ad hoc art. as an aside: it's sort of sad, the little birds under there, since NYC is so hostile to free-living animals and considers pigeons trash. ah well. trees are good, trees are good.

Animals In Prison--Kellie Hastings
free animals
Image by Creative illusions-Nature Photography-Kellie H
Imprisoning life behind the LIES of wire is against the Laws of Nature, the nature Laws of life itself.
Share this photo forward so the evil that ignores this or causes it can be brought down.

Sign Petition with Change.org to free animals from prison zoos and prison aquariums

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