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Warthogs relaxing in a mud pool, Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Game Reserve
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Image by Kleinz1
These two warthogs (Phacochoerus africanus) were photographed relaxing in a mud pool in the Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Game Reserve. The mud keeps the pesky insects at bay.

Great Egret on the prowl
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Image by Vicki's Nature
Straight-off-of-camera and taken from my car. Found I could get closer to her than on foot. Egrets are uncommon around Atlanta except at locations like the river, but they turn up now and then. I stopped at a park to check for dragonflies and she was hunting in this ditch full of cattails.

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Winner, Pre-game challenges, Wildlife, 3-11
Winner, Game, White, 7-11

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Image by runran
I stopped this morning on my drive home - north up Vancouver Island, from Swartz Bay to Nanaimo, a familiar route - to visit the St. Ann's Church, Quamichan - Duncan, BC. For many years we (JoJo's Emporium) have been merchants at the music festival nearby at Providence Farm. The Quamichan cemetery has been on my radar for nearly a decade. An uncertain early sun struggled through high cloud. I walked over the damp grass, making barely a sound. I was struck by the number of children - my heart broke and was lifted, moment after moment. For an hour, I drifted among the graves. The adage applied: time out of mind (“That through time out of mind there were wont many diverse ships to come in to the said haven” - 1432 ). Someone's hat marks their resting place - and it felt like a place of rest. For an hour, St. Ann's cemetery became respite from the overload of our new century. A faded red bandana wrapped around a cross - animals and symbols - names and dates - slowly returning to the earth. Eagles and wolves. Totems. Accumulation. One grave marker said it all - Love Always.

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